The early 70's to the mid 90's. The heyday of Christian rock. The 77's, Rez, Steve Taylor, Petra, Michael W. Smith, Mark Heard, AD, Stryper, Vector, Russ Taff, Phil Keaggy, Larry Norman, Idle Cure, Charlie Peacock, Sweet Comfort Band, One Bad Pig, Daniel Amos, The Choir, Adam Again, Prodigal, Mylon Lefevre, DeGarmo & Key, elim Hall, Servant, Undercover, Dimestore Prophets, Guardian, Mad At The World, Jerusalem, Walk On Water, Barnabas, Audio Adrenaline, Geoff Moore, Randy Stonehill, Sixpence None The Richer, Daniel Band, Jon Gibson, Bloodgood, Edin Adahl, Margaret Becker, Tonio K, Pat Terry, Amy Grant,  Quickflight, Violet Burning, Lovewar, Mastedon, 441, Shout, ...... over 120 different artists.

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